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    Spinal Cord Injury
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Thompson & Tredennick, LLP

BP Oil Spill Claim

Known as the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history, the BP Oil Spill occurred from April 20-July 15, 2010. Not only did this affect the lives of many Gulf Coast residents, but also many businesses suffered both physically and financially as well. Since then BP agreed to setting up a $20 billion fund to compensate for the effect it made in the economy; in conclusion, the Deepwater Horizon Court-Supervised Settlement Program came about.

Commercial Litigation

Whether you own or operate a business, disagreements involving vendors, partners and customers are inevitable.  Often, these disputes can be resolved without a significant negative impact on business operations. Due to the complexity of commercial and business litigation cases, the right choice in a legal service provider can determine the success or failure of your business.

Spinal Cord Injury

The spinal injury claim service that is provided is about more than receiving spinal injury compensation after your accident. It is understandable that creating arrangements for your rehabilitation and long term care is key to your future well-being and with the correct personal injury attorney your mind can be at ease.

Brain Injury

When you hire an experienced lawyer to pursue compensation for you and your family, he or she creates an environment to relieve you of the stresses of filing a brain injury lawsuit. Seeking reimbursement can offer you and your family the financial relief you need to help for expenses related to the injury.

Burn Injury

Your personal injury lawyer will inspect every angle of the accident that caused the burn injuries to ensure that you get the maximum amount of compensation rather than just settle for a small amount. With a professional personal injury lawyer in Houston, you can seek justice for your burn injury.

Pharmaceutical Litigation

As far as the prescription of drugs go, doctors and pharmaceutical companies are responsible for taking care of patients. If you or your loved ones have suffered temporary or long term disability because of the doctor’s or pharmaceutical negligence, then you have the right to file for pharmaceutical litigation to ensure that you receive compensation. A drug lawyer or a pharmaceutical drug attorney can aid you in making pharmaceutical companies responsible for the progress of your or your loved ones health condition.

Insurance Disputes

Sometimes insurance disputes represent your only opportunity to achieve a fair insurance claim settlement. However, the process can be extremely alarming; especially in the wake of your loss and when you are ill prepared, and being unprepared can result in denied insurance claims. Your personal injury attorney will ensure that your claim is handled correctly, keeping you aware of all deadlines that arise. They will be able to rectify the situation and keep the insurance disputes at a minimum.

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